After launching our video streaming platform TutoReels, which provides students with access to videos that help them revise concepts taught in school, we see more and more benefits to online learning. In the classroom children benefit from interacting with their teacher and with other students. Online learning has distinct advantages too. That’s because online teaching can be tailored to individual students in a number of important ways.

The 8 Benefits of Online Learning

1. Online learning is self-paced.
Students can slow down when they’re learning a new concept or they want extra practice time, and they can speed up when they’re comfortable with a topic or have mastered it. TutoReels allows children to relearn concept they may have forgotten and even get some practice along the way by doing the worksheets that come with these videos.

2. Sophisticated online education products can offer self-selected learning.
The curricula in traditional or older web-based products are designed in a linear fashion and don’t allow students to make choices within the curriculum. A new generation of sophisticated online education platforms enable children to skip topics they already know and focus on material they’re ready to learn. They deliver the right level of education for the user.

3. Self-directed learning games encourage engagement.
When students have the freedom to choose the content they’re interested in, they gain ownership of their experience. They can take their time and explore as much as they want. Children are more actively engaged because they make their own choices.

4. Online education can support a range of learning styles.
Online learning can accommodate a wide range of learning styles and use a variety of methods geared to different learners. Whether they learn in a more or less linear way, whether they learn visually or verbally, or whether they learn by doing, every student has a unique learning style. 

5. Advanced online tools can provide real-time assessment.
The most advanced online learning tools provide ongoing, real-time assessment of students’ progress. They can tailor the learning experience (e.g. vary the number or nature of lessons based on the user’s accuracy), and provide progress feedback. Regular assessment is critical to keeping a student challenged at just the right level – not overwhelmed by material that’s too advanced or bored by topics that the child already knows. At Qrius we disseminate worksheets through our online teaching platform. We are able to review their answers in real time and correct them as well. Students can also view the responses of the other students and learn from their mistakes as well.  

6. With an internet connection, there are no geographical barriers.
The educational resources are available anywhere, so children can study at home or even while away from home. The current opulence of resources available to students when it comes to learning is unmatched anytime in history and is getting better by the day. 

7. Learning happens when it’s most convenient.
Some kids like to jump online for 15 minutes before school. For other families it makes sense for children to do online activities during dinner preparation. Children can learn at a time that best fits their own needs and their family’s schedule, any day of the week. With TutoReels there is no set time and place to learn. It allows 24/7 learning at their own pace. 

8. Online learning enhances computer and Internet proficiency.
Students also learn online skills like accessing information, communication, and collaboration. These skills are necessary for learning and succeeding, not just in school but in life.

TutoReels allows you to bring your education business online instantly. Reach out to us to explore how we can help you make that transition.