As a teacher with more than 25 years of teaching experience I find the pace of evolution in this field simply breathtaking. My current teaching practice has gone from teaching within four walls to teaching with no walls. Day by day I am slowly realizing the limitless possibilities that technology can potentially offer and it is exciting.  Every day I come across new blogs which extol the many successes of this evolution in teaching and learning. What used to be a slow but sure process is quickly escalating into a pace which quite often leaves me excited and breathless in its wake. 

While traditional forms of teaching and learning still exist, new research findings keep providing more proof that technology is steadily offering more and more effective and efficient pathways to optimize teaching and learning. 

And it is the early creators and adopters of new technology like us at TutoReels who are changing the face of education as we once knew it. Our efforts continue to ensure that we are clearly ahead of the game because we make technology work for us instead of expecting technology to do our work for us.

Just like how video streaming platforms have brutally forced their way into our reckoning and are steadily forcing traditional TV broadcasting stations out of business, technology is forcing teachers to rethink the way they teach in the face of increasingly new possibilities that it offers. 

TutoReels offers many possibilities. It lends itself well to the many teaching and learning pathways that have come into existence today. The following are just some of the ways we are achieving this. 

Micro Learning

‘Short notes’ was a common concept among baby boomers and generation Y. It is the practice of getting the essence out of the lesson and breaking it down to bite sized pieces. The aim is to create short bursts of learning to remember within a short span of time. Many eLearning platforms like TutoReels, have grasped this concept beautifully by seamlessly weaving different aspects of learning like texts, images, quizzes and  short videos. By breaking down a topic into smaller bite sized bits, a teacher is able to create a Micro Learning package which is easy to consume by students. Teachers who use TutoReels find its intuitive user-friendly interface a boon in enabling them to create such content effortlessly thereby achieving the objective of micro learning which is to learn optimally in one sitting. 

Drip Learning

Drip Learning is a different form of micro learning. It typically spans across a longer time period instead of in one sitting. Drip learning allows the learner to move at his or her own pace so that they can effectively absorb the content. The  Drip Learning setting is ideal for young learners who need time to digest content.  Timely quizzes embedded within the learning content also provides them feedback on how well they are learning. Drip learning allows students to take  breaks to help them pace their rate of learning.  With TutoReels, Drip Learning is a cinch because its affordances allow a teachers to easily structure content the meet the needs of  students who prefer Drip Learning to other forms. 

Spaced Learning

Spaced learning which is similar to drip learning with space during lessons, however the same information is brought to attention in different ways during multiple times to curb the forgetting curve. The concept of forgetting curve was developed by Hermann Ebbinghaus. With his research, he realized that the more time it took, the lesser was remembered when it came to academics. Platforms like TutoReels enable teachers to overcome the forgetting curve by allowing teachers to post the same content in different ways. 

Micro learning, drip learning and space learning are three pathways of learning that TutoReels allows teachers to incorporate in their teaching. It gives them the competitive advantage over other platforms. During these unprecedented times, these forms of bite sized learnings are proving to be quite effective when it comes to teaching online.

If we have convinced you enough, let us show you how these pathways of learning can be achieved using TutoReels. Contact us for a live demo by dropping us a note at this link.