Micro learning refers to feeding the student with small, bite sized content pieces with limited information for better retention. The latest trend in eLearning, micro-learning is known to favour the learner by helping them absorb, remember and recall learnt content. This form of learning was traditionally used for corporate training sessions as the learner satisfaction rate was higher compared to other methods. However, in recent years , this system is being used by many tutors for younger students too.

While there are numerous benefits of micro-learning, here are 4 reasons why it could be the best thing you could give your students.

  1. Improves long term retention of memory and keeps the learner focused

Micro-learning supports teaching as a supplementary tactic and not as a stand-alone mechanism. It keeps the student as the focus of the lesson to ensure long term retention of information and knowledge. By cutting down entire courses into bite sized learning materials that are presented to students over a short span of time in the form of videos, snippets, takeaways, students find them easier to consume at their own time and space. 

  1. Many learners prefer micro-learning to traditional learning

Many Learning & Development professionals prefer micro-learning over traditional learning because learners prefer it to other learning methods. Micro-learning is more effective in catering to modern learners because many millennial learners demand that teaching should be customized, on demand and more informal. Millennials are also used to multi-tasking, hence these bite-sized learning boosts help them refresh and retain the information they need.

  1. Micro-learning creates more engagement between learners

Many students prefer to use eLearning systems and study independently in recent times purely because they are disengaged and bored during traditional teaching sessions. This also gives them the choice to pick when and where they can learn during the day. Catering to the millennial learners, platforms such as TutoReels have quizzes at the end of short video lessons to help them revisit concepts learnt so that they can be better committed to memory. 

  1. Optimize brain capability with short bursts of learning

The human brain is not trained or equipped to focus for hours. It learns better when there are short bursts of information that lodge more permanently in the brain with repetition. Micro-learning does exactly that as bite-sized pieces of information are easy to consume and digest. 

While your students stay happy without having to stay awake during prolonged lecture sessions or long classroom sessions, this is also a cost saver for you. You can focus on designing shorter courses with repetitive information which can be broken down to smaller sections in different forms. This will help you reinvent yourself as a teacher by exploring next-gen teaching mechanisms which can bring out the best in you. TutoReels support new or seasoned tutors with a theatre-style video streaming platform that supports the best teaching practices globally. 

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