Theater-style event content tool to convert visitors to customers.

Event management took a whole new direction in the new normal. While everyone was used to physical events the dynamics have changed with remote working and remote learning. Managing events digitally is not easy as it sounds, it requires the right set of tools and probably a reliable system to organize and manage content to attract visitors and convert them to attend the event.

In today’s age, it’s crucial to be able to manage events easily and efficiently – especially when they start to overlap. Technology bridges this gap while making life easy, paving the way for many start-ups such as TutoReels to introduce event content tools to support event teams. Creating and managing events with ease while adding speakers, details and video snippets to convert visitors to attend the event. 

All-in-one tool for Global Events, Conferences & Exhibitions.

As more and more people turn to the internet for their entertainment, the need for on-demand content for events is growing. Whether it’s a live stream of a concert or a recording of a panel discussion, people want to be able to watch or listen to events when it’s convenient for them. There are a number of companies that provide on-demand content for events, and they are quickly becoming a popular option for event organizers. Not only does this allow people to attend events that they might otherwise miss, but it also gives them the ability to watch or listen to the event again later. If you’re planning an event, consider adding on-demand content to your list

Access to on-demand content for events.

Access to content for event companies who have events overlapping with one another is crucial. The ability to orchestrate content using an event platform gives event organizers an additional mode of engagement with event visitors. An event video-streaming platform could also be used to add content to feature sponsors, speakers or any other content of value to visitors. Event  platforms also let you update visitors and exhibitors instantaneously before, during and after the event thereby promoting their sponsors more effectively.  

Data driven analytics to measure success.

Data driven analytics is a powerful tool that event planners can use to measure the success of their events. By tracking the data that is generated by attendees, event planners can get a clear picture of what people are interested in and what they want to see more of. Track metrics from all of your events using TutoReels. Our platform gives you another avenue to determine your ROI and apply your analysis to future event planning. You could also identify and track trends over time, allowing you to make better decisions about future events.

TutoReels event content tool helps you convert visitors to customers by providing an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression. With our easy-to-use platform, you’ll be able to create engaging, interactive content that will capture your audience’s attention and get them excited about your event.