Meu Labs is now on TutoReels!

Robotics, Programming, AI and Electronics courses are now on trend, and guess what? 
Meu Labs have got you covered on all of them and more!!

Meu Labs is a accredited Project Based Learning Institute offering STEAM / STEM programmes within an ecosystem that accommodates interests of all kinds of learners as young as eight years. 

Meu Labs offers fully-fledged, carefully developed, all-in one courses combining the trendiest fields of study and coordinated competencies to give your child a holistic educational experience.

You can start with their Foundational courses and move your way up within their curriculum into Specialisation courses of your choice.

In their programmes, students solve stimulating puzzles that are based on real-life problems to unlock essential real-world skills that will prepare them for the everchanging, unpredictable future.

Meu Labs has revolutionised education for the better! Unlike conventional education where students are burdened with homework and notes, they take an innovative and engaging approach to learning. Through the careful use of fun games and exciting puzzles they allow students to freely explore and master skills in subject areas that they are passionate about.

Meu Labs has worked with 500+ students across more than five countries including Singapore, UK, Canada, Australia, Maldives, Qatar and Sri Lanka and is one of the fastest growing Project-Based Institutions in South Asia!

TutoReels is honoured to be partnering them in this journey and we look forward to helping them expanding their global presence. By hosting their programmes on the TutoReels platform they are able to instantly reach a global audience with minimum hassle. Meu Labs students now have 24/7 access to their preferred Meu Labs courses from anywhere in the world and take our globally accredited courses at their convenience from the comfort of their home!

At TutoReels we are excited by this partnership and we wish them every success in the coming months and years.

Register now for your favourite course and enjoy these features:

✔️Self-learner friendly material 

✔️Easy access to courses

✔️Globally recognised certification upon completion of the course 

✔️Optional one-on-one consultations with professional instructors