TutoReels is a 24/7 learning platform that supports the entire content creation and delivery lifecycle through authoring, publishing, delivering and measuring content. It provides users a single centralized location to collaborate on projects so content can be synced and reused for different user groups. Content becomes an asset that can be assembled into courses, lessons, or more targeted microlearning or just-in-time learning to name a few learning approaches. It allows you to reuse the learning content in different ways to personalize content for different audiences and needs. It separates content from presentation, so that it can be synced and reused in a variety of outputs, eliminating duplication and rework. User groups can be organized right down to the granular level so that content can be directed to specific audiences to meet their diverse and unique learning needs.

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Learning Modes

Blended Learning

Use TutoReels to deliver a combination of online learning content with traditional face-to-face teaching.

Video Asset Curation and Delivery

Curate your video and document assets and provide granular access to diverse and differentiated groups.

Event Platform

Use Tutoreels as an event platform to connect people during exhibitions and conferences.

Distance/Remote Learning

Are your learners and instructors separated by distance and time? Use TutoReels to bridge that gap.

Hybrid Learning

Combine TutoReels with widely available video conference software to deliver an engaging learning experience.

Self-Paced Learning

TutoReels supports self-paced instruction which has become more popular as education shifts from the traditional models to the Internet.

Just-in-time Learning

TutoReels also supports need-related training by making it readily available exactly when and how it is needed by the learner.


When the learning content is too hard to digest, its easy to reconfigure it into bite-sized approach using TutoReels.

Flipped Classroom

Prioritize active learning during class time by using TutoReels to assign learning content before class.



Create a library of learning materials for your organization and provide access at the granular level.

Professional Learning &

Are you a training company looking to enhance your offerings and post training learning support. Then we are the right solution for you.

MICE Events

Use Tutoreels to help your clients network in a visual and engaging manner and provide greater marketing exposure to your sponsors.

Video Archiving and Delivery

Do you have tons of videos that need curating and delivery to a diverse and differentiated group? Then look no further. Drop everything and contact us today.

Company Onboarding

Do you have new employees joining your company regularly. Use our platform to take the pain out of the onboarding process.

Explainer Videos

Use our platform to host your explainer videos and focus on the more important stuff like growing your business.

Product Training

Companies that need to do regular product training and updates can potentially save time and money by using our TutoReels.


Do you knit, cook, paint or have some other hobby that you are good at. Share your passion and grow your community virtually with TutoReels.

Distributor Ecosystem Support

Using TutoReels you can communicate with and update your distributors with the latest product release and updates. You can put up product training videos as well.

Salesforce Training

Salesforce training is made simple using TutoReels. You can add videos and documents to support your sales teams 24/7.

Peer Coaching

Share good practices internally or do peer to peer sharing in a more tangible manner.

Sports Coaching

Train your team remotely outside of your training hours. Easily cater to different age groups.

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